Xbox or PC

I’ve been playing SF4:AE for a bit now on xbox and i wanted to pick this game up. I was wondering what the pros and cons are to getting the game on either system. I would suspect the community on xbox to be better but thats just assuming. I have also seen that on the PC version you can mod the skins and im VERY interested in that. I also have an xbox 360 fightstick so im pretty sure i can use that on PC right? Im open to all suggestions and feedback to help me pick. If the steam community is somewhat active then I’d rather get it on PC.

xbox. pc is like half a year behind when it comes to patches. and it’s a lucky guess if you get a decent match since the other guy could play on a 3.86 or whatever.
and it has the biggest community.

pro pc: nude patch.

-low amount of players
-low average skill of players
-crappy netcode resulting in warps all over the place

  • 3-6 month delay on patches

+every problem pc has is non existant on 360

get it on xbox. the game is horribly broken on pc.
I gave the game another try after the patch release for the pc port a few days ago but the netcode is so inconsistent it just doesn’t make any fun. and you have to wait minutes to find an opponent, which is then one of the same sad few in you area which plays this crappy port.

Is the 1.07 patch on the xbox? I wanna pick this game up too if it is up to date with the PS3… I thought I read somewhere that it was not released for xbox.

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360 version is just the better option right now, no question. PC is still two patches behind.

And yeah, your 360 stick should work on PC.

360 and PS3 are at 1.08 (v2013) as of Tuesday.

PC is at 1.06.