Xbox players Vs pc?

Hey SRK´rs out there, I noticed, since I´m playing SSF4, on pc that Xbox players appear to be on Microsoft “Games for win. live” to. So was wondering does this mean I can play online against players who are on xbox?(while I´m on my pc) … I´ve also tried to “friend” a few xbox players as well , but it does´nt seem to be getting through…

No you can not. Capcom said they didn’t want to put in the work after seeing how this failed on the lost planet game they made.

oh, ok, thx. but what ashame, would,ve been cool to get my ass handed to me on multiple platforms ;OP

That was Lost Planet. This is AE. They should have made another attempt with a game that is still going strong. I mean, we have quite a few people who play on PC. I actually would’ve liked to face someone cross-platform.

Yeah Capcom missed their chance on this one, why would they compare Lost Planet to their giant franchise Street Fighter. -____- It would be great to play PC players, since the playing field is more level when it comes to fighting games, M+K won’t help you over gamepad :stuck_out_tongue:

Cross play between Xbox 360 and Windows XP+ is also possible on Blazblue Calamity Trigger. This game has much better netplay than SFIVAE. Intercontinental matches are feasible and smooth.

Problem is that the PC version of Blazblue did not fare that well like Street Fighter, due to poor marketing. Even today you can not buy it from Windows Live Marketplace in many regions and have to order the DVD instead or a GFWL serial number for online play. Not available on Steam or other vendors beside Microsoft either

I was dissapointed that Blazblue sequels were released only for consoles.

Thx for the friendly replies, I have a related followup question of sorts, that is … IS the SRKlive on live for console users only then? if so, is there a SRKlive for the pc users??, I´m thinking specifically SSF4 since it is what I play :slight_smile: