Xbox population?


Hey guys, I just got my arcade stick in the mail, and was playing around on 3rd strike online trial abd found it to be alot of fun. Before I put out the fifteen dollars though, I wanted to hear what the population and online for this game is like, especially for a newbie. I don’t want to buy it only to find out there are not many people online. Thanks for any help, I appreciate it.


What region are you in?

If Sandwiches, Korean style please, or Tacos are cheaper and better for your $15…


Nah man, pasta all day. Cheap, you can put practically whatever you want on it, and almost impossible to screw up.


There is a group of decent players online if you search for them and take steps to ask for games/help. Lots of assholes who will win any way they can then try to harvest lulz from you. Don’t let them discourage your efforts.
Come to XBL and you might be lucky enough to catch some duck feet on yo head.

On the other hand for $15 dollars you could buy like 6 different flavors of Banh mi. Pickled carrot and radish all day.


I am totally not one of those people, my Alex is hella legit, I know uses for all 5 kinds of stomps.


There’s not many Alex players on there, but cool joke. Now fight Urien SAIII all night.

In all seriousness (?) if you are new to 3s, then you might like Live 3sOE, as the general level of play on Ranked is kinda basic. The few excellent players who can stomach the conversion are mainly to be found dominating in the Endless lobbies. If you search the SRK archive, or get the old Brady guide for it, there’s loads of hardcore info out there. The game is still played in Japan, so those vids still update, with all sorts of amazing techniques.


Here’s a better idea: Get 3SOE and get your local friends to play 3S. We’re all trying to keep the game alive and there’s no better way to do that than to create a community around it wherever you are.
I’m trying to get a league started here in Chicago somewhat akin to Japan’s team-oriented league and think that that’s the best way to play a 13-year old game.
As far as online goes, there are some great players, there are some silly players, there are players who don’t play (ufcgym) and there are rookies. I THINK the game is still actively played daily by many of the individuals but I’m not so sure as I haven’t been on live for the past 6 months. But yeah, invest more of your time in offline play. Online only gets you so far in terms of skill.


He just made up a 5th stomp…

Only the Master has the Glow.

Who taught you this? Louis? Is a “student becoming the Master?!”

6 month dodge cpt egregious! 6 month “dodge level baddie”


I wouldn’t buy 3SOE unless:

You have friends over to play offline.

The patch comes out.

Otherwise check out Karnov on GGPO…


:tdown: Not user friendly, nobody friendly, and I hate the word “friendlies” used for “casual matches.”

Also no similar skill level starting out people, or people to slow down and see what they can do, teach within the game.

& I’m starting to hate SF3 topic stop by guys to make the topic and never come back. We do scare the shit out of them with our Brady Bunch crap, but I expected this one to never come back. Same topic as the Persona 4 or other NEW game forums, but the answer is no big population, only dedicated folks. They don’t hear the “dedicated” part and are already gone to the new flavor of the moment.


3s is fun. If you allow yourself you might learn something you never thought was possible.

Something amazing.




probably. I wasn’t referring to it intentionally, though.


there were a lot of people on tonight, some names I haven’t seen before and some names I haven’t seen in a long while. maybe Maximillian and Gootecks uploading 3s content is bringing some of those guys back around, dunno.

too much post round taunting tonight though! gross.