Xbox -> PS2 Adapters

Hi everybody

A friend of mine just recently bought the DOA Xbox stick and we were wondering if there are any Xbox to PS2 adapters. I’ve been googling around for a while and the only things I’ve found are PS2 -> Xbox adapters and a rumour of a guy using his DOA stick on a PS2 using the usb port.

I hoped that you guys could help me on this matter

you mean the doa4 xbox360 stick?
joybox for xbox to ps2
for xbox360 to ps2 no such thing.


This seems like a good time to put forth a query of my own on xbox to ps2 converters. I have a Udon Aniversary fighting stick and am converting it to hap controls. The problem is there seems to be an error which causes the stick to lose ps2 functionality but retain the ability to play on XBOX. I thought no big deal, and just replaced the stick. The one that I recieved also has no ps2 functionality and I’m pretty much in the position that I’ve consumed the last stick in my video game distribution district. I talked to a friend who frequents the boards and they mentioned converters that I could use. I’ve been poking around for them but can’t seem to find one that has decent reviews (or reviews at all in some cases) I was hoping that I could get a suggestion on what converter I should be using that would provide the least amount of lag.

So you want an xbox->ps2?

there is no such thing

didn’t m4sh just say joybox for xbox to ps2?

yeah, in this case joybox won’t do the work

and, yeah it is for the doa x360 stick (I was wrong saying it was for xbox, my bad)

oh shit my bad :slight_smile:
i read it the other way around