Xbox/PS2 to 360 Converter?

As of right now, is there any sort of converter to use a PS2/Xbox controller for an Xbox 360?

I bought an old Pelican Arcade Stick that I used a ton of my orig Xbox and my PS2 (It now gets some play on my Wii since it has a GCN hook up too) so is there any way to convert it to use with the Xbox 360? I don’t really feel like buying yet another arcade stick.

XCM Crossfire converter, I believe can do the Xbox.
And XCM FPS Pro (or something along those lines) will do PS2.
I am unsure of performance however, and if you’d experiance button/command lag.

XCM is garbage. You can get a Max Shooter but it may not support that stick. Check out this thread for more information.

Buying a pre-hacked 360 pad would be the best option. You could also do this to keep the PS2 compatibility.

All options just keep telling me to buy a pre-made Street Fighter Stick =P

Honestly, taking apart controllers and soldering/wiring things just isn’t my bag. Too lazy, and I’m never really that picky about my sticks.