XBOX, PS3 or PC?


Hey guys, I’m a old fan of the SF series and I’m looking to return to the scene. About a 15 days ago I bought the SF4AE for PS3, but after a few days of playing and getting some of the old skills back I found about the Combo Trainer for PC, I had to have it so I bought a SF4AE copy from steam it has been great, that alone clarified a lot of combo questions I got, but now I’m reading this thing that the PS3 is slower than the XBOX version (which according to the discussions seems to be that the input is slow not the whole game, please let me know if I’m wrong)

So, I’m looking forward to assist to this year EVO to have my ass kicked, I know that it will be played in XBOX but mine is broken I was not planing to fix it anytime soon (never in fact) now that the EVO will be played in XBOX I guess I will fix it and get a new stick for it, anyway, the real question is, are the XBOX, PS3, PC version so different that I should wait to play in the XBOX? or the PS3 or PC version should help me to get better at it, I’m thinking more combo-wise I don’t know to learn my combos in PS3/PC and they be unable to link them in XBOX.



Pc is just fine. Get a stick Xbox compatible though.


Been answered a bunch before, but xbox has probably the strongest/widest selection of players depending on region. PS3 is a close 2nd. PC is however still growing unlike xbox/ps3 which is probably shrinking. Many very good SF4 players regularly practice on PC. Probably most notable being PR Balrog who plays as much on PC as on xbox (lately seems like more on PC than on Xbox lol.)


Great! thanks for the answers guys,

PC it is then!


PC is the best version. Xbox has the best competition. (GOGO PC! We can make it the best in both)


If you already have PC then get the steam version. no need in getting a whole new system.


Can you play the pc version offline without games for windows live online?


yes, you have to login online at least one time before you can do that however, the you’ll get an offline option


also, PS3 sticks will work with PC if you plug into a USB 3.0 port. You can get them to work with certain USB 2.0 ports, but it’s kind of a crapshoot. It’s better to get an Xbox stick, but PS3 will work if you need it to.


not that it will matter in the future, but you can create an offline profile without the need to log in at all.
though achievements and certain game features will be unavailable


PC is probably the last platform you want to be on if they put out any patches. Just take a look at Capcom’s PC history (or how every title sans SFIV that uses GFWL is fucked.)

Special notes for making PC close to arcade/360 regardless:
Disable V-sync in game, force enable through your GPU control panel (cab does use vsync iirc, so the input lag added is normal…when done through the GPU.)
Set frame rate to variable (you can try fixed, but it may introduce enough input lag to throw your timing off. DO NOT use smooth.)
Force maximum frames to render ahead to 1 (optional/probably placebo/not standard for arcade)


Huh, the guide I read on Steam said to use fixed… It introduces input lag?!


Fixed is the way to go.


I second that.


Variable allows the game to run at whatever your machine is capable of putting out. If you don’t drop below your monitor’s refresh rate, this means it’s always running at your monitor’s refresh rate (this option must be used alongside forced GPU vsync.) Now if you’re a poverty gamer (or just plain unlucky with some of the games settings having optimization issues) you should pick fixed. Fixed will force the game to run at 60FPS. To accomplish this it has to discard frames sometimes which can result in input delay (hence the “may.”) Smooth basically goes hardcore with that idea in an effort to produce the illusion of good performance and can lag both players when playing online. Variable will cause the same problem if your machine has a lot of trouble keeping up. (edit: smooth actually takes a different approach than fixed does, but I’m not sure how to word it.)

It’s something you can basically test on your own with five minutes in training mode. Just do a few of your 1f/2f BnBs to see what feels right. Some set ups work better with fixed, others work better with variable. Despite getting A sys rank with fixed, the game feels much closer to the 360 version when I use variable (which makes the game think I have a C sys rank, even though both run at 60FPS…)

Another random note: you should probably disable desktop composistion if you’re playing Windowed mode (FULLSCREEN=OFF)


360 got the strongest players. On PSN there are still quite many good players, but most of them moved to 360 or PC.
PC has the best connection.


but pc has very low level players ( me being one of them ) i never seen a 5kpp players for example, and the good players actually dont even bother play ranked, most of them have between 1k/3kpp something


It’s a lot easier to make contacts on PC tho, since you have a real keyboard.
I end up discussing and playing endless with people I know are good way more often than I could on 360.

I’d say PC is a good platform if you want to invest into the future.
Although, The sad part is that with the delay of USF4 on PC, it will again fall into the less skilled platform.


Usually the pc platform is seen as a training tool or for playing endless. There are quite a few 4k players, especially in europe. But the overall population is not that big for 5k players.
Though there are cases of pc players doing well in tourneys in europe


PS3 version is also the least technically proficient out of the three. I don’t expect that to change with Ultra…