XBOX S controller hack?

can it be done i heard its possible, and which are the best controllers to hacks and where can i find more info on the S controllers.

and for my project i wnat to hack my hanaho HOTROD sticks to use on the XBOX so i would need to but to xbox controllers to hack so which ones should i get?

and since the hanaho has 7 play buttons for P1 and 7 play buttons for P2 and 2 starts buttons and 2 coin buttons

so which buttons are the most inportant to keep obviusly i am missing 1 buttons for each controller so my question is, is the BACK button used that much for the games and dashboards?

and how should i assing the buttons?

i have done it several times using the official xbox controllers, then new smaller ones not the larger ones. it is not any harder than soldering a psx pad.

i made a small little help file for it a qhile ago, but it sucks and the pictures are blurry… but if you read it, it mayhelp you some.

Are those grounds in your guide meant for a single daisy chain?

Yes, it’s very possible. I was afraid of all the lag that people mentioned when they used converters or third party pcbs, so I used an S controller to modify one of my spoilt Blaze DC twin fighting stick (I have two of those) to work on the Xbox.

Followed the guidelines on

For most of the contacts you have to scrape like what Nasci said. I recommend doing what Armadillo did for his trigger buttons. You can easily find quite a few grounding points to solder to, but I recommend using one or two easy to solder points and daisy chaining them.

As far as I know, it’s easy to get these buttons to work:
Digital directions (D-pad)

It would be hard to get these to work:
Left trigger
Right trigger
Both analog sticks

So a 6 button setup is easy (excluding Back), but a 8 button set up will require a lot more work and understanding of analog stuff.

Inspect your pcb carefully and plan your work properly before doing anything.

To answer some of your questions, yes, you should include Back if you have a button for that. If you are using emulators, the Back button is usually used for coin.

Recommended layout:
X Y Wh
A B Bl

6 buttons are usually enough for most games, but if you want a Neogeo layout included you could possibly assign two buttons to the same output, eg:
X Y Wh A
A B Bl

Much nicer pics than the one I threw together real quick to help a friend! Good guide Landel.

By the way I believe the pics Nasci provided are from a Japanese style controller (what I used). The guide from Armadillo is a US style controller. You can tell easily by the Black and White button placements. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s what I think it is.

thanks a lot for the responses i was thinking no one would respond i will go ahead a read up your info, once again thank you you guys. :tup:

PS: by the way here is what i am thinking of hacking for the xbox is the Hanaho hotrod.

already has happ parts i think the sticks are supers, well anyway it works great for the pc :karate:

good luck to yah! maybe post some picks when you finish:)

Well after spending all afternoon yesterday soldering i achieved success :party: thank you guys for all the info, and a very special thanks to nasci for the FAQ it really helped cause i had the exact same controller.

i messed up when i hooked up some buttons but i rearanged and OMFG i love playing sf3 and cvs2 on sticks :party:

heres a pic of the stick i modified, already had very nice wiring so i didnt touch that just soldered the ends to the PCB :pleased:

since i only got 1 S controller only p1 side works with 6 buttons and 1 start and 1 coin button.

the PCB doesnt fit very good inthere so am thinking of making a small box for it. well am a give it a shot and i will post what happens later.

once again thanks i am a happy person now :tup:

That is awesome. I am happy to have been able to help. Those pads are really really responsive. Enjoy!

Wha fuck?

The S-Type is a scrape and solder deal?

I thought it was way more complex than that. I remember flipping through Spinal Tap’s S-Type guide months ago, and coming across the word “transistors” and then thinking, “Forget that.”

Then I spent the time to hack a fucking Duke, which is a bitch and a half. It was short city, and contacts got pulled off (again) and I ended up having to solder the “down” to the damn encoder chip.

Goddamn, I hate being ignorant.

Thanks for the guide Nasci, and I will make my own tutorial in about two weeks, with clearer pics and diagrams. That’s not a criticism of you, BTW, I’m just saying that I’ve got it covered.

ArcadeStickMonk: Yeah the… <cough> “transistors” are at the left and right triggers. If you remove those or adjust those, I believe you’re gonna have some problems.

I remember playing a friend’s Xbox modded Saturn stick, and I think one of the triggers was permanently in an ON state. I don’t suppose he was actually aware of it. I didn’t know then either, but I guess that was probably what happened, since he directly soldered them to buttons, which apparently doesn’t work.

So, scrape and solder is correct, as long as you leave the triggers alone. But I still recommend doing something similar to what Armadillo did. Makes your PCB more compact.

I hot glued the triggers and sticks in neutral. I hot glued all over the place. I used a lot of hot glue.

And I did follow Arm’s example for the most part (great pics as usual Arm Roll ze eyes) but there is nothing compact about that PCB.

yeah i was thinking its was impossible too after reading so many negative feedback about s controllers, but it was just very simple as scratch and solder and a little bit of hot glue :tup: if i can do it on my first try then anyone can with a little bit of patience of course.

byt the way i followed everyones advice and did not mess with the L and R triggers, but am happy with the end results anyway 6 buttons for fighting games and start and back buttons work :tup:

by the way the pic is not and S controller PCB i think its the original Xbox controller PCB :karate: