Xbox S-controller hack

Hey fellas, I need help wiring an S-controller PCB for my stick. It seems all the threads that talked about this including the “pad-hacking” thread have dead links to pics and tutorials… and no luck finding anything on the web. I could try and trace all the signals and grounds but I don’t want to waste my time soldering and desoldering if I’m wrong, plus I’ve heard the Xbox S doesn’t use a common ground or there may be multiple grounds. I’m not looking to wire up the triggers or analog sticks so its nothing that complicated.

All I really need is a diagram of the solder points, so if anyone has the pics that are dead links elsewhere now that would be tight.

Alternatively, I also have a SFAC Xbox pad I can take apart but I’d rather use an S since I have a bunch of those.

I saw that page, it’s for a Duke though and they are somewhat different internally from the S.


The first and larger controller released for the Xbox…

Nevermind… just saw how ridiculously easy the SFAC pad is to wire up and solder so I’m just gonna use that instead.