Xbox s-pad made for pc?

So do they even make a xbox s-pad or similar? cuz i’ve looked, and i didn’t find anything.

no but the xbod’s pads are esentially usb. xbox just shaped em different. you can always just cut off the end of the cable and wire a usb end to it and itll work on pc using xbcd drivers.

i wonder if Ps to xbox converters can be hacked like that though. then you’d have a PS -> xbox/usb converter.

Theres USB adapters for Xbox Controller for like 6 bucks on ebay. No need to even rewire, problem solved :wink:

Sure, but why bother when PSX->USB converters are cheaper and easier to find?

well, if you already have an xbox adapter hanging around, you wouldn’t have to buy another one just for USB.

Juuuust out of curiosity, don’t mean to be a smart-ass… does it feel much different from the 360 pad?

If we’re talking about in general… not much.

If we’re talking about the d-pad, it’s like a billion times better than the one on the 360.

did this for my sfac ,yay

This works fine for me. ps>xbox adapter and then hommade xbox>usb adapter made of an xbox extension cord.

thank u thank u. life saver man. now to get this mame and kaillera thing going… get on some 3s lag free!

Speaking about xbox pads, would a 360 pad (wireless) with the charger plugged in a comp work? (with the driver to of course)

You can charge the batteries this way but the PC won’t see it as a game pad.