Xbox scratches disc

my xbox scratched my sf4. there is a perfect circle scratch on it.i can play the game however only a few characters and maps work and i cant play online because of this. is there anything i can do to get a new street fighter. thanks

Not sure about getting a new disc, but if you can’t find a way… try renting the game from Blockbuster’s or somewhere, and install the game on your hard drive using NXE, then just keep yours to get the game to boot.

It’s crazy that 360’s are still tearing up discs though - is yours a recent purchase, or an older box?

You can always repair it yourself with some common household items. Check google or youtube. I used normal toothpaste to fix the scratches on gow2.

Was this during normal operation?

Was your Xbox vertical? I know a friend of mine warned me about that. Most Gamestops will check any game you try to sell/exchange for that perfect circle ring, and not take it back as thats a Microsoft defect. Or at least your xbox’s fault and not theirs. You can try Microsoft’s Customer service and see what they say.

Blockbuster has good disc repair for under 10 dollars

im pretty sure i got my xbox on christmas of 05. i havent gotten the red ring yet. i keep my xbox verticle and it happend during normal use


the game wont burn on the hard drive, when i tried it it said the game was too damaged to get it on the hard drive. will the blockbuster cleaning service work for the scratch made by my xbox?

also if i call microsoft and tell them what happened to my game can i get a refund

Usually a disc will scratched if you’re moving the Xbox while the disc is spinning inside.

My local Play N Trade also have a huge buffer machine to repair disc, so if you have one in your area it’s worth a shot.

im going to take it to block buster and see if that works

Same thing happened to me. I moved my xbox while it was on, completely my fault. Do this -

Take toothpaste (just trust me) and rub it into the scratch. Take your time, cut the job into 4 quarters of the disk, and work in each quarter. Rub the toothpaste in until it becomes very sticky and difficult to move.

You might have to repeat this process twice. I thought my skate 2 game was ruined, judging by the size of the scratch. I did this, and now it works fine. If you do get it working with this method, make sure you upload the game to your hard drive. I can not say for sure if this is a permanent fix.

Good luck.

i have a scratch on mine as well, but it affects me very rarely and i cant install the game. but try swapping discs with blockbuster or something.

i was going to tooth paste my disc but i might as when wait until after i get my disc cleaned at block buster

my old 360 use to do this as well… new ones dont…

If its the perfect circle scratch then your disc is boned, make sure your 360 dosen’t tip over again.

Do this. They will likely have a professional disc repair system that cost thousands of dollars versus you sitting there fumbling with toothpaste.

As far as I know all 360 discs have a ring on it.

I copied SF4 to the harddisk so the disc is as new, loads faster as well.
Hate the spinning noise also.

If you can exchange it at the shop it would be nice, otherwise copy the game to HDD.
Also call MS and let them swap the DVD drive.

even if your xbox is vertical and you didn’t touch it - the slight vibration could’ve cause the 360 to move a bit causing the scratch. best bet to get a fully working one asap is to rent it - copy it to hdd and use your original to launch. atleast until you can either persuade ms to give you a new disk or get it buffed nice.

just remember - when it comes to buffing the disk whether it’s by hand or with a machine from blockbuster; you can go to far.

i took the disc to game crazy and they ran the disc twice for no cost. the game works perfectly now