Xbox SE FightStick available on

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but: Xbox 360 SE Fight Sticks available on Newegg.


wow i work for newegg and i didnt even know we have these

lol they’ll ge gone in a few minutes.

i give it an hour before they’re sold out.

they started selling them on 5-3-9 most of them sold that day
and only one sold today

do you work in the industry office? off gale ave? if so thats cool. i live off hacienda blvd and colima rd.

i got the notice in email with the auto-notify. do you guys plan on getting ps3 fightsticks? thats what i need.

One?! Wow,that’s odd.

Nah I work at the Whittier one . As for the ps3 sticks it would be odd if we only were going to get the 360 ones but I have no idea

Well with recent influx of sticks going out and even eBay values plummeting on the SE while Hori EX2s are staying up I think the demand is starting to get met. Hopefully Madcatz can flood the market with these so everyone has a chance. Not sure when they will do the same with the TEs.

They need to fix the quality control problems in their Chinese sweat shop before they start pumping these out again. I think a large part of the reason Newegg hasn’t sold out of this batch of sticks is all of the horror stories on the internet about them.

I want to get the SE version for PS3. I don’t wanna fork out another $169+TAX for a TE edition. Although I would eventually switch out the parts out.

well we do have FightPads for the ps3 so it may only be a matter of time be4 we get some ps3 sticks but dont quote me on that

I hope so. I got the auto-notify set up and ready.

so i did some digging and this is what i came up with < thats for the ps3 SE stick

here is the item # for the ps3 TE stick

here is the item # for the 360 TE stick

but i have no idea of when they might start selling these sticks tho

we sold some ps3 SE sticks on 5/3, 5/4 and even some way back on 2/18

There still up :slight_smile: grab em while they’re still up.

im hoping the auto-notify kicks off soon for ps3 se sticks.

always good to have someone on the inside. i love newegg though. good place. i just wish they did will call like mwave in walnut, ca. oh well. once i found newegg i dropped mwave.

ahhhhhh this killin me!!! i wanna ps3 stick… lol.

Do Newegg ship internationally?

I have a HRAP ex that I’m trying to sell. Lightly used. PM me if your interested.