Xbox sf3S - need help with hugo

okay im having trouble chasing after people… like them jumping away and just zoning me. besides parrying does anyone know how i can try and make hugos chunkyness not such a con? hes so slow at times and i cant always predict when they jump for rush downs so i miss grabs etc

Hugo’s a character you really have to mind game with. He’s not an easy character to get accustomed to. The Clap is a great move to use. is a pretty good anti-air. If your opponent is able to get away that means you’re letting them. Stop preeminently attacking. Watch what they do and respond. If they’re turtling Hugo’s normals take up a lot of space. You can’t be afraid to whiff moves with Hugo. Once you get in though, it’s a lot of 50/50.
Hugo’s best anti-air: c.HP. Such a stupid move but if you need to get out of a pinch and your opponent hasn’t shown to parry AA’s then c.hp will help.
That’s all I can really offer. Head down to the 3S boards for more.

I’d also recommend starting with an easier character than Hugo. Try playing Ibuki or Alex first.

yea i noticed… i mess with people with his overheads hehe. i do let them get away :C … most of the people i play easily parry my stuff but i try. thanks btw. yeah ive tried every character and best with hugo,Ryu,Urien in that order. im gonna look through 3s too thanks haha. igloobob told me SRK had good players friendly enough to help hope he doesnt see this o-o