XBox TE Stick question

I bought a MvC2 TE stick for the Xbox 360 yesterday. It’s an 8 way stick (clicks 8 times clockwise).

I was wondering if anyone could modify the stick to a 360? Like the old MAS sticks, or the MvC2 sticks at FFA or any arcade for that matter.

I can’t play on these 8 way, or square movement sticks everyone seems to be playing on nowadays. Also, it’s a gumball stick. Can that be modified into the longer version?

This is my first stick I’ve owned, and I know NOTHING about ANYTHING. If anyone can help, I would gladly pay for the time, with a batchfull of appreciation.

Thanks, guys! My cell# is (818) 484 6011.

Hi Soo,

I have an Xbox 360 TE Stick too.


Is it possible to change out the stick to a taller 360 stick?

That’s what I need. If it’s impossible for whatever reason, I need to buy/trade for what I am looking for.

It’s possible to mod it, just need to find someone to do it for you

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are a few sites with everything you need to mod your stick. if you want your stick to move 360 i would think to just remove the gate completely(not 100% sure on this) but these stick are very easy to mod yourself. Just watch a few youtube vids ( [media=youtube]W5e6IfpJ5h8[/media] ) and im sure you’ll be able you do it yourself. Hope this helped