Xbox to 360 transferring saves


Is there anyway to transfer saves from an Xbox to a 360? I’m gonna guess somebody out there found a way, but I’m currently unaware of it. What would I need to buy, and how much is it gonna run me?


This describes a way to do it:

You use a $30 Action Replay for Xbox that lets you put a savegame on a PC.

Then you transfer that to a $50 XSATA which is a device that sits between the your 360 and it’s HD that lets you access the HD from a computer.


Well so much for getting this taken care of for $50 or less. Too bad I can just connect a regular SATA cable to the HD and stick it in my mobo.


There’s a fatal flaw in your plan. Many game saves cannot be transferred from the Xbox 1 to a memory unit. Unless you hack your Xbox 1 hard drive, you’re stuck playing your games over on the 360.