Xbox to Pc fix's

If you like myself are very very tired of the typical terrible SFIV music and do not want to hear IN~DE~STRUCTABLE again but are having issues getting your box to sync on a non media center,non vista windows system and dont want to use Zune then this bit i ran across may help

Must have Windows Media Player 11

This gets a bit complicated so follow the steps one at a time:

1 - Click Start > Run
2 - Type “services.msc” without the quotes
3 - Scroll down to “SSDP Discovery Service” and double click it.
4 - Where the drop down box in the middle of the property page is, under the heading of “Startup Type”, change the setting to “Automatic” then click apply. After this, the start button should become enabled so click on it to run the service.
5 - Close the window then back on the services window, go down to “Universal Plug and Play Device Host” and double click it again.
6 - Repeat step 4 for this service.
7 - Close the window again, then return to the services list and scroll further down to “Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service” and double click this service.
8 - Repeat step four again for this service.
9 - Close the window and then close the list of services on screen.

Now try to re-activate the media sharing in WMP11, hopefully this should have done the trick. If not, make sure you have run through all the steps correctly and in the right order. Also note that this doesn’t have to be done again unless the problem re-occurs, the services you turn on here are now set to load every time on booting up your computer.

Credit to Ben J at Yahoo answers for this great piece of information.

thanks for the tip, i would also recomend to use tversity (, only for pc atm tho, sorry mac and lixus users