Xbox to Xbox 360

I’m very hyped about the news of III Strike being playable on the 360 and I want to buy one now. My only problem is I play with the xbox controller. So my question is…

Does anyone know if you can hookup the original xbox controller to the 360? I don’t even own one so I can’t try this out but I plan on buying one in the future. I know there is an adapter that lets you hookup the OG xbox pad to a computer and the 360 uses usb…I think. Just want to know if anybody has tried it.

No, you cannot use Xbox 1 controllers (or any non-licensed USB device) on the Xbox 360. Microsoft requires that any third-party controller must have a license in its hardware, otherwise the 360 will ignore the device. Custom sticks can circumvent this measure by using the PCB of a licensed controller.

And non licensed 3rd party hardware can circumvent it by requiring a wired 360 controller be plugged in, like the XFPS. Someone could make an adapter for the original Xbox controller using the same method I would guess. but I haven’t seen any yet.

thanks for the replies guys. So it seems that I have to find someone who can wire my original controllers to a licensed usb cord. this sucks.

or talk to this guy