XBOX vs PS3 speed test - Video Proof inside! UPDATED 7/22/09 with another video



xbox version is barely faster. its so minimal that its impossible to affect anything gameplay related. Now everyone can STFU about timing difference in the xbox one, and vice versa cuz it’s all in your head.

even tho we prove xbox is ever so slightly faster, it’s impossible to tell the difference and even more impossible for it to affect timing and execution. ima call this myth BUSTED!

now move along and play which version you prefer to play, makes no difference. Everyone wins. If someone complains about a .0006ms timing difference, you need help


and another video from some random guy, taking this silly myth one step closer to being busted



Thanks for this Sabre. The difference is neglegible, and it might not even be produced by the game itself, but rather by the way each system handles things like upscaling and the like.

I think it’s great that both versions are virtually identical, because that means we players can jump from one to the other with no problems (sticks notwithstanding).


The difference I’ve noticed is in the combo timing. I think a more accurate test needs to be done there. I have a feeling there’s a difference in the way it treats the hitpause that happens when you hit someone.


There were talks like that? I thought the issue was about console version being faster than arcade. I’m that uncool?


If it’s so slight, it’s still affecting my links unless I practice numerous casuals before the tournament. I play a character with a 1 frame link B&B without meter. I just really don’t like the alternating in timing during a tournament, one or the other should be fine the whole way. Preferably PS3 though :wink:.


magman, cmon bro, yougotta be kidding me. you mean to tell me that a .0006ms speed difference will affect a 1 frame link? please tell me you are joking? you do realize that 1 frame is like 15ms or someshit like that, and here we are showing a .0006ms difference.

do the math bro, its not the game speed

this was just to debunk the speed myth thats always so popular with SRK’ers.

timing difference in gameplay, that could be different. I mean, the way the xbox and ps3 usb poll rates are could mess with things? maybe some pcb’s used for sticks lag? then you got the tv factor and whether or not it lags, and then how the console is hooked up to the tv. so many factors are involved.

only way i can test gameplay, sort of, is getting 2 exact same tv’s, wiring a stick that will work in both consoles simultaneously without frying the consoles. but even then, it may not be absolute. for all we know, there could be specific properties on characters that may be slightly different.

All i know, is i play sak, shes all about links, and i land em just fine on either console. i think its more in people’s heads, as usual


TBH, if you play enough and know your character, it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s not a problem for me at all, and I play Viper.


I own the Xbox 360 version and am borrowing (up to the point where I practically own) the PS3 version and I’ve noticed absolutely no difference in timing. I only play more on the PS3 because I have a stick for that system. I can play any version at anytime without it feeling awkward as long as I have a stick to play on.

This because Viper has a lot of fucking weird cancels and links to learn. I’ve yet to hear a Viper have problems with system transitioning.


If there is a difference I think this is the most likely answer.


if theres any difference, i predict its gonna be more of a hardware issue, not the game itself, IMO


Well hey, there is a difference and a reason why I hit it on the PS3 97% and xbox about 80%.

I don’t really need numbers though, all I know is that I’m more consistent on the PS3, the one I play on more. Maybe it’s a mystery, then.


everything is the same thing to me… i own both versions and i feel no difference with my links or timing anything on ps3 or x360.


the end for console bots. great vid.


Why doesn’t the thread just end with this? Play on a standard tv with both systems and it should be the same as long as you don’t have lag converters.


thread should be sticked and closed before console fanboys come here.


Agreed. It’s already been confirmed by Shiozawa and now we have video proof and people will still be saying one console is faster/better than the other. It’s pretty pointless and pathetic to argue about such insignificant differences, but they’ll do it anyway.


i seriously hope people aren’t testing the ps3 version with ps2 stick + adapters, any single adapter has some lag that fucks up the timing. If you’re not playing with a native ps3 controller your test means shit


Good post Sabre.


I was there when they filmed this… You really can’t notice the difference.


Im just a little curious and I know its not a big deal but how many times did you test this? Did you test it with different characters? Different maps? It could just be that your PS3 lagged a slight bit at that second causing the .008 difference or whatever.
But if you tested it more and this is just a video proving it than nice find!