Xbox vs ps3 TE modding?

what is a soderless way to duel mod a XBOX360 TE?

also for ps3 is there a different part u need to do a soderless duel mod?

It all depends on what you are using to dual mod with. Check out either the TEasy Strike or the Toodles Chimp. Be sure you know which Revision of board you have (or for that matter, if you have a TE or TE-S). Either way, there is a good chance you’ll be soldering a little.

An Xbox controller. Check out the Q&A at the beginning of the newbie thread: Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

i have the blazblue TE for xbox

Teasy Strike-S

does the teasey strike require soldering? also do i need a ps3 pcb?

The T-Easy is a PS3 PCB geez Search the board it has all the info you need to know pay attention to the part were it tells you how its solder-less

You should look for the Kitty kit from Toodles, as I think he has them in stock. It is also solderless. The only scary part is cutting the USB wire.

There is no “solderless” dual mod for a PS3 TE.

so since i have the blazblue TE, that means i have a TE-S board and it doesnt work with the kitty kit


Im thinking of getting a Real Arcade Pro VX SA For the xbox 360 heres a link if you need what it looks like

of posting sites is frowned upon or should not be used on the fourms i am sorry.

Anyway could anyone please tell me how to dual mod this so i can get it working for xbox360 and ps3? so i know what to get or to buy