Xbox vs PS3... Which version would be smarter to get?

I had both an Xbox and PS3 at one time, but due to financial situations at the time, I had to sell them. I’m looking to buy another console for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edtion v. 2012 (a mouthful…) and Street Fighter x Tekken. Which console should I pick up? If it matters, I still have my TE-S. It’s an Xbox stick. I’m also picking up an Asus VH236H (the EVO monitor and standard tournament fair). If you take other games (non-fighting) into consideration, I play all of them on my Macbook (yes, the macs can play games w/ bootcamp). Mostly Skyrim, Mass Effect series, Fallout series, TF2, Portal 2, etc… I even have AE on my macbook. AE runs at 60 frames and smoothly, but the resolution is low. :frowning: I’m also afraid I won’t be able to run SFxT on it. (Plus it doesn’t come out until May for PC anyways)

PS3 Pros:

  • Tournament Standard (only Majors it seems like…)
  • No paying for online

PS3 Cons:

  • Worse netcode (PSN)
  • Only a few of my friends play on PSN
  • My stick is Xbox. I’d have to dual mod it with a ChImp ($35+ installation)

Xbox Pros:

  • Superior netcode (XBL)
  • Most of my friends play on XBL
  • My stick is plug-and-play already.

Xbox Cons:

  • Not tournament standard (But I see a lot of local tournies being run on Xbox. Even some streamed stuff like WNF)
  • $60 a year for XBL

Sounds like you’ve got it all thought out yourself. Which pros and cons mean more to you? Personally paying a monthly fee for online is a deal breaker which is why I went PS3. If you feel differently you may be better off with an Xbox.

I recommend getting whatever your friends play on.

The thing about that is I play with all of my friend both online and offline, so it’s not like I’ll never play with them. I play with my friends offline about bi-weekly and online every 2-3 days (when I had consoles). My friends that play on PSN are better than my friends that have XBL, esp one of these Ryu players (my main). He helps me out a good bit.

So even though more friends play on XBL, the ones I could learn more from are on PSN. But it balances out because I play with all of them at least a few times a month.

Threads like these always start console wars,

Best advice you’ll get in the entire thread: Buy whichever one has the most first party software you’re interested in. If you dig Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone etc. more than Fable/Halo get a Playstation, if you’d rather play Halo, get an Xbox.

There are a bunch of differences between the consoles outside of that, but really it’s apples and oranges. XBLA is more stable than PSN but you pay for it, PSN is completely free, PS3 has built in wireless/bluetooth controllers/headsets, Xbox has more 3rd party controllers like the Onza. Playstation probably has more exclusive titles than the Xbox, but that’s only because the Playstation outsells in the Xbox in Europe/Japan so a lot of the developers there don’t bother developing for Xbox, or the titles they do make are ported over (not always well). You get the same in reverse where certain games (CoD) are made for Xbox and the PS3 ports are inferior. The PS3 is technically a more powerful console, but honestly, it’s splitting hairs because 1. it’s harder to program for, 2. it doesn’t matter what somethings capable of if it doesn’t get used to it’s full potential, which it rarely does (with a few exceptions like KZ3) due to the fact most of the time the games are ported to all consoles anyway.

The only thing that’s clearly better about the PS3 (than the Xbox) is that it has a blueray player, so you can watch blu rays and you never need to change discs in larger games. In reverse the Xbox is supported better in the States so you’ll get fuller lobbies in games.

Thanks for the insightful post. Like I said, I’m not really interested in much more games other than fighters. If I am, I’ll probably pick them up on PC. I just prefer mouse and keyboard to controller, unless it’s a fightstick of course. I lost almost all interest in video games lately, but after going to Final Round XV this past weekend, it re-awakened my passion for fighting games.

Also for SFxT, I heard there were 2-player local to online problems on Xbox, while PS3 doesn’t have them. As in, you could play two players on the same console and take it online and play another pair of people, but on Xbox there were some difficulties. I don’t know how often I’ll be doing this, but it could be useful.

About the blu-ray player, I completely forgot about it, but I usually don’t buy/rent any form of media (all downloaded/streamed). I’ll just hook up my macbook to my TV via a cable and watch everything in HD.

I feel like I’m too neutral here… It’s like 5.2 - 4.8 matchup in PS3’s favor. Haha.

Since I have both systems I tend to lean forward to 360 for various reasons
-Paying for gold is pretty worth it I mean for me xbl is way better than psn
-I find more better people online on 360 for some reason
-Patches or Updates don’t take forever and some games on 360 play better than ps3 ( skyrim is a good example )
But you have a arcade stick already so why not pick 360 both systems are really affordable nowadays but I guess just pick the system which your gonna play a lot with friends so I guess the ps3 is for you. Also I don’t think tournaments not being played on 360 a con doesn’t really matter what system the game is still the same

You get the same in reverse, it really just depends what something is programmed on originally as ports are always inferior (unless they decide they’re going to remake the game a year down the track for the other console, but that has happened, like what, twice?).

He said he games PC anyway, and you’ll get the best frame-rate/resolution etc. on an optimized title on PC every time with the right hardware, you also get access to mods, if you’ve got a computer that runs Skyrim you’re better off getting it for PC than PS3 or Xbox.

PC games are cheaper as well, and if you have the system you might as well take advantage of it.

The level of play on xbl is pretty high. I run into wolfkrone, iperu and aquasilk in ranked all the time in sf4. If you play offline mostly it does not matter. Online from what I’ve seen is better for xbox.

It takes up to 20-40minutes or more just for a PS3 update so stick with the 360.

Get the one that has the most support from your local community.