Xbox wireless pcb problems

I am making my own joystick (will post when its done) but i am having trouble mounting the wireless xbox 360 pcb in a place where i can access the battery pack or utilize the play charge kit which would be ideal! are there any ideas? either to re route the battery or mount it in an accessible place? my dimensions are 15x10x5in all ideas welcome thanks!

wow nobody im sure someone out there has an idea

Plenty have. You should check the ‘i love my custom stick’ for pictures of how many folks have done it. From what I recall, most keep the PnC cable inside the box, and connect it to a USB jack on the stick.

I have the PnC in the box along with the Wireless PCB…

Here is what I did…

USB end of the PnC kit is at a convient place on the underside of the box. Then the PnC kit connects to the controller PCB. Then the little 4 nodes for the battery on the controller PCB are soldered to the rechargable battery’s corresponding points. Then the controller PCB goes to the buttons.

Violla! Wireless play without having to open up the box and change the battery when you run out of juice… Just use a USB cable to plug in the Xbox to your stick when you need to recharge the battery.

You can check out the thread I posted about my wireless stick. It might provide you with some help.

ok so many still have the wire attached I guess and i guess roll it up when not attached? i am trying to figure out how to have no wired attached…Dreamcazman you seemed to do it but I have know clue what you did or the materials used but it was cool if u would elaborate or something if not its cool I will keep looking

If you are referring to using the P&C kit, I opened mine so I could rewire the LED’s (you probably don’t have to do that), but also chopped the USB end off and soldered on a USB ‘B’ socket. That way I could use any common USB lead to charge the battery.

If you read through the whole thread, there are links in there showing pinouts for the USB connectors and such.