XBOX1 + HDcomponent cable@480p = rolling static on screen

Was wondering whether anyone has experienced this before and what step(s) has been taken to correct it?

I think the cable/machine are fine because I did not experience this problem when I had it on my previous setup (in the lounge sharing power with other components). The only thing different is how the setup is plugged to the powerstrip: The new location has no power, so the monitor and the xbox is connected to a power strip (4 points) which is connected to another power strip (6 points) sharing power with 4 fluoroscent tubes and power is coming from the main house through a long extension cable. Both power strips have a rcd to make sure I dont get electricuted.

I see where you made a few mistakes

  1. monitor and the xbox is connected to a power strip (4 points) which is connected to another power strip (6 points)
  2. sharing power with 4 fluoroscent tubes
  3. a long extension cable

1 and 3 are home wiring DON’Ts, and 1 can be a fire hazard.
2 the fluorosent lights can cause interference, so would any appliances with any motors.

How to Fix this

  1. Never plug a power strip or outlet adapter into another strip (Fire hazard). If you need more outlets you need to invest in a bigger and better protection surge protector. Make sure you use a surge protector and not a power strip. The differences are the surge protected does just that protects from a power surge.
    Don’t go cheapo ether, you will get what you pay for.

  2. Never overload an wall outlet. If you can help it use a different wall outlet that goes into a different circuit breaker or fuse.
    If necessary you need a new wall outlet installed with its own circuit breaker.Yes this will be expensive

  3. Avoid having any lighting being plugged into the same surge protector as your home entertainment system.

  4. Avoid chaining together extensions, its a bad idea. (Fire Hazard)

Unplug the 2nd power strip and then see if it powers on, sounds like the power requirement is too large for the outlet to handle.

Also, how long is “Long” exactly? Are we talking Hundreds of feet? That could be a problem in itself.

Thanks for the tips on the fluoros, will connect them to a different point. My game shed has no power at the moment, so I had to draw power from the laundry of the main house. The length f the extension wire is about 5 metres or 16 feet long. It is like a standard yellow extension wire you get from the hardware store.