Xbox360 Arcade/Fight stick not working on PC


Hi guys, i recently tried to use the injustice arcade/fight stick that i got for my xbox 360 on my PC, because from what i understood its supposed to be compatible. however when i plug it in to my computer it flashes for like one second and shuts off. it also doesnt show up ANYWHERE in devices and printers/device manager. i’ve plugged it into all my usb drives and it doesnt make a difference, it just flashes for one second every time plug it in. there is also no little popup box on the bottom that shows its installing the device or anything. ive used my xbox 360 controller on my PC before so i already have the drivers. and i HAVE tried reinstalling and updating them. i am using a mini usb wire from my ps3 controller charger as i have lost the one that came with it. I have windows 8 if that helps. ANY help is appreciated.


install the MS 360 for windows drivers… worked for me