Xbox360 arcade stick headset... Need help

I originally asked this in the padhacking thread, but it got lost in the shuffle…

I’m putting together a xbox360 arcade stick and need help with the headset jack. I’ve been looking for a 2.5mm female to 2.5mm male headset extender, but they don’t exist. I guess my only option is taking the jack off the board and extending it myself… which I doubt i’m capable of.
What have you guys done?
Btw, i’m using the official wired controller.

its not as simple as an extension, you need to connect the left and right pin slots as well that the headset uses. i dunno about solutions, it all depends on how your stick box is designed that can determine possible solutions

I disagree that you need to connect the data pins that Sabre mentioned. You need those pins for certain functions (such as using the Chatpad peripheral), but you can leave them off and the standard 360 headset or most other headsets will still function properly.

I could probably tell you how to remove the jack from the 360 pad PCB, but you don’t want to do that. Mounting it in any kind of stick (while allowing the for the weird curved shape of the 360 headset’s plug) is ridiculously hard and about as fun as sawing your own leg off.

Don’t you think this cable here would do the trick?

oh really? hmm so its there just for show on the actual headset eh? i didnt know that heh

Well, it also allows the system to show whether your headset is plugged in, muted, etc… (and battery level for wireless headsets).

Wow, both radio shack and fry’s said that an extender like that does not exist. :looney:

I’ll pick it up tonight and post the results.