Xbox360 controller: D-Pad vs Analog vs Arcade Stick


So what You prefer? What is Your expirience? What high level players use?
I feel that some complicated moves and combos are almost impossible to do on shitty Xbox D-Pad (especially up-down, right-left moves), in other hand Analog Stick seems to be good on some 360 - 720 moves, but is too slow in general. Maybe some good Arcade Stick is a solution?


Stick or nothing.



I honestly think analog is superior to d-pad on the 360 pad, however the two most notable American players who use a 360 pad (smug and zeus) both use d-pad, Alioune uses analog though I think.

Solution: Buy a stick.


I use the analog, it’s great.


I like the d-pad for directional inputs where they require multiple directional inputs such as dashing, it feels too cramped to perform motions cleanly. Overall it just sucks.
Analog for motions but i hate things like dashing and other directional inputs, however i can get alot more precise inputs, on analog.
I also hate whenever a FG asks for multiple simultaneous button inputs i have to either contort my fingers in an unnatural position, which is not practical, or use macros.

I also cannot really do plinking unless i hold my controller differently, with my hand above the facebuttons. Anyway a controller felt a constant struggle where i had to figure out with every new fighting game what is the ideal way to hold it and where to place my buttons and what to macro etc etc. Too bothersome and i was pretty sik of it. Switched to stick and i never looked back again as i never had any problems whatsoever after the initial learningcurve.

Just shelve out some money for a decent arcade stick if you are playing, or looking to play multiple fighting games. You can play fine on 360 controller but it just takes alot more effort to go over the excecution hurdle. They break easily too.

oh yeah this is ofcourse “imo”


Analog stick. Like a miniature circle gate. The actual dpad is garbage. The piece itself floats around and shifts inconsistently. Its like trying to play SF with a piece of jello as your movement peripheral. Not to mention that it is the fastest breaking part on a 360 controller. My friend Justin uses the dpad and he’s gone through 5 controllers in 2 years. Worst I’ve had is my RB tanking on me once.

Also get out of here with this “arcade stick are teh bess” FGC stigma. What’s best is whatever option you prefer. Whether it be a stick, hitbox, pad, or an oldschool controller with a conversion mod. I know people that thought they would play better with a stick and got indefinitely worse. Its not for everybody. I don’t like stick for any SF but I do prefer it for VS, Marvel, and SG.


This thread has taught me that people actually use the analogue stick for fighting games…
The few fighters I prefer on pad, I play with the D-pad. I have 2 FPS pads for the 360; the Madcatz FPS Pro and the Razer Onza, which have a Nintendo and Sony style D-pad respectively, rather than the Microsoft disc of shame.

Cant imagine inputting dashes and Z motions with the analogue.

I prefer the pad for 3D fighters, and some retro titles. It’s all preference, stick isn’t the only answer.


Analog sticks suck, have always sucked, and will always suck for digital inputs.


All the better players I see who use the Xbox pad use use the analog stick and not the d-pad