Xbox360 controller headset mini-jack?


I’ve been reading conflicting reports on the net about the mini-jack featured on the 360 controller. Some say it’s a standard 2.5mm jack, but then I find a product like the one by Datel.

Can anybody confirm what size/type jack it actually is?


its not the standard size… its smaller. I am not sure what size exactly but its smaller than the standard headphones jack. hope that helps.


I surprisingly found some at Radioshack.


Yeah. It’s 2.5mm. My cellphone headset fits in it just fine. I never tried to see if it actually worked properly tho.


It’s 2.5mm. The Datel headset adapter is used to provide the same volume and mute controls found in the official Microsoft headset for any headset. You don’t need the Datel adapter to use a cellphone headset with the 360 controller.