Xbox360 doa stick common ground?

question, is the ground on the pcb of the hori doa stick for xbox360 all common ground. I mean all the buttons (start, back included) and directions have common ground? yes/no would be fine if they are or aren’t. if not, which are common to which? (i.e. all buttons common, all direction common but separate from each other.)

From my understanding there are no common grounds on X360 at all. They have a matrix set up with lots of resistors for the individual grounds. As for the Doa4 stick, it should be easy just to simply run wires from the already visible solder points to the buttons. It should work fine, just more wires to dealt with.

thanks for the help but I already know that the normal pad has no common ground and have the setup you mention, but what i wanted to know was the hori doa pcb, perhaps it’s different because the madcatz 360 has all directions common if I’m not mistaken (I think I read it in the padhacking thread). it’s for a project that I’m doing but it would requires a common ground. since I don’t have the stick and this could decide whether or not I would buy the stick to do this project. and I read toodle’s tutorial on how to make it common ground and didn’t understand a thing.

one more question, is the middle button between the “back” and “start” (one that has 1, 2, 3, 4) an actual button or is that a sticker? I know it’s a real button on the normal xbox360 pad, but looking at pics of the stick online, it looks like a sticker. thanks.

The Guide Button is, in fact a button.

This is not true.

The data-line coming from the xbox360, the usb cable, certainly has a common ground for data. So it’s pretty possible for the DOA4 pCB to have a common ground.

so can anyone help me out? I really need to know if they’re common grounds or not. if not, which ones are common to each other or is every direction/buttons has a single separate ground. only takes 5 minutes and would help me a great deal. thanks.

Same amount of time in the padhacking thread would have told you. No, no common ground setup.