Xbox360 exclusive Juri movie (JPN)



Here is my question, hopefully this is in the right place…if not close/move it please.

The Juri movie is as of yet exclusive to Japan and Xbox360.
If I pre-ordered the Japanese Collector’s Edition I should get the download code.
Will the code work on an American account or do I need to make a Japanese XBL account?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You do know that if you buy a JPN SSF4, you can’t play it with you NSTC console right?


yeah, That’s why I got both(US and JPN).


You might be able to play the Japanese version of the game on your NTSC/U xbox 360 since SF4 was region free and most fighter games on xbox 360 are region free. Only exception I know of is Blazblue NTSC/U and NTSC/J versions don’t work on a PAL console, but both the american and japanese versions of blazblue work on either NTSC/U or NTSC/J consoles.

I want this movie too :/. As for the code, I know the codes are region locked so you might have to use a Japanese account to get the download.