Xbox360 Games Sale


Just getting rid of games I don’t play

BioShock 1 Limited Edition - $7 - Sold to Chunstoppable
BioShock 2 - $25 - Sold to Ikagi-chan
Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Sold to Zeetes
Batman Arkham Asylum LE - $30 (This is the one with the batarang)
Modern Warfare 2 LE SteelBook - $30 Sold

All games are in excellent condition, and the prices include shipping.


i’ll buy bad company 2, leaving to take a test, can pay this afternoon


Ooo…This is tempting. I want to buy BioShock 1 and 2 really bad. Stargalaqtic, could you put those on hold until later tonight? I need to make a quick run to the bank and balance my funds.


interested in Batman. sent you a pm


Heyo, Stargalaqtic, I’m trying to send a PM, but your Inbox is full. Could you please clear it out? Thanks! :tup:


^In box cleared.


Watch this smooth .25 frame link bump.

ya missed it!


Thanks a bunch Stargalaqtic! :tup:


does bioshock 1 come with the figure and music cd since it le? or just the game?


Will you take $4.71 for Bioshock 1? It’s all I have in my paypal lol. XD


I’ll take Bioshock 1. PM sent! :rofl:


Only the batman remains, who dare take on the drk knight!!