Xbox360 hdmi/optical problem


i’m using a component cable for the optical with hdmi at the same time(because they werent wise enough to make optical on the back of the 360) but when i change the source of my samsung lcd tv, the 360 is still on, when i switch the source back to the 360’s hdmi the 360 reboots, but when i unplug the component and just use the hdmi it never does that. I dont have the component cables plugged in, just using the optical


Have you tried just using the plug that has the stereo out and not the component? Idk if it works just a thought.


no i did it with the component because i didnt want to buy the stereo one for $69+tax here, but i ordered one on ebay for $8 from hong kong, so ill try it, but im sure it wont work. its strange why would it know im switching signals on my tv if its not even plugged in


Does HDMI not include digital audio on the cable?

edit I ask because I really have no idea, just wondering.


the same thing happend to me, The only reason it’s happening is because 2 video outputs are active when you do this. (just using the optical part of the cable will still make the port active) I don’t think there is anything you can do about it except deal with it or just use the audio from the HDMI cable, even though the sound skips once in a while.

The 360 has to reconfigure itself when you switch video sources. Which is why you cant have the 360 running directly into 2 different types of outputs at one time. ie TV vs a PC monitor. At least i’m pretty sure about that part.


I had the exact same issue. This is what I had to do:

Of course, if you still want to use your component cable for video…this probably shouldn’t be done.


going to try it right now


odd, tried it still reset, and i cut that tiny black wire

guess my samsung series 7 doesnt like both, stupid xbox… ps3 works fine with optical and hdmi, never a reset changing sources


Strange…it worked no problem for me. Maybe if you cut the rest of the cables? I dunno.


ill try it hehe, ill cut them all, i got an extra one anyway


no sound at all :slight_smile:


Might have to reconfigure your sound options on the 360.


I’m still curious, why do you need to use both an optical for audio and HDMI for video? HDMI carries both signals right?


Surround sound speakers? AFAIK, they use optical and not HDMI.


because my reciver needs optical to the xbox to get 5.1 dd, if i plug the optical in my tv and hdmi only in my 360, i dont get 5.1, nor any sound out my 5.1 speakers


Oh ok gotcha. So you’re going HDMI>TV for video and Optical>Reciever for sound.

There are receivers that accept surround via HDMI though right?

I haven’t updated my surround system in years so I’m out of the loop on this stuff.


probably, but my reciever only has one coax and one optical


I don’t believe that there’s any/many Surround Sound systems that use HDMI. It is primarily for video, the sound is just kinda “extra”. And HDMI splitters aren’t really common yet. I think HDMI for TV + Optical for Surround Sound is the current accepted way of getting this setup going.

Sorry I don’t know how to solve these tech issues you’re having though, just adding my 2cent on the HDMI debate.


Also on the 360 the sound will cut out for a split second every so often if you use the HDMI for both video and audio. I read somewhere that it’s because I can’t handle all the data being transferred, so it prioritizes the Video. Not sure about how much truth there is about that reasoning though. But I do know it cuts out from personal experience.


That’s strange, because I play at my friend’s all the time and he’s got his running through his flat screen for video/sound and I’ve never heard it cut out.

Maybe it’s an issue with a specific model 360?