Xbox360 Headset Jack

I dont have a 360, so I dont really know how the headset works… but I’ve been getting a lot of requests for 360 sticks lately, and everyone wants headset jacks in them…

However, I’m looking at a 360 controller and I noticed that the headset port is rather non-standard. I see it has a 2.5mm TRS jack, but it also has two other jacks in it… What are these for? Are they important?

If I wanted to put a headset jack into a 360 stick, could I just put in a standard 2.5mm TRS Jack and just plug it directly into the circuit board?

This is a stick by Godspu, all it has is a jack…

And if this works… does anyone know where I can find a 2.5mm TRS jack extension? 6 inches to 1 foot would be nice…

I cant find the modding guide but i remember seeing one for this. in the guide they didn’t use an extension but instead they took apart that section of the controller and did a little soldering work. i don’t know if just putting a wire extension would work. if you put a jack in the case where that jack is has to be shaped like the front of a 360 controller.

Im sure radio shack has an extention.

maybe this will work.

the cord is 2.5meters long and the plug is mini stereo which is 3.5mm. he needs a plug that is 2.5mm. like a cell phone i believe.

those two extra “jacks” aren’t important at all. the first headset i got had a base with the mute switch on the end and there were two little nubs that sat in those “jacks” to keep it from moving. i bought another wired hadset when that one died and the new headset had the mute inline. no base. long story short those nubs don’t really do anything.

edit: this might be what you are looking for

second edit: i don’t buy much from digi-key, but it looks to me like you have to buy at least 500 of these jacks…yikes.

Yes, to your first question. You can just use an extension cable and make your own 2.5mm port on your stick case. You can find the extension here for cheap. :tup:

Not that you asked, but RadioShack sells the 2.5mm panel mount jack. How do I know, because I bought a few.

Looks like this…;height.250;vspace.5;width.150;modified.1207856343.DCJ-21.jpg

hmm interesting…

yea that should be real fun to mount in a wooden pannel… lol

not saying it cant be done… just looks like more hastle then its worth

I heard extensions lower the audio level in the mic/hedset.

well if u know somebody have them make you a metal plate in a cnc mill for mounting that barrel from radioshack. that would make it very easy to mount in a case. just drill a hole and mount that metal plate on.

my modded HG simply has an extension cord inside the case.

Thank god for wireless headsets :slight_smile:

Did you ever find a solution? I’m considering building a 360 stick as well & have the same quandary.

I def need to get me some of those. . .

I totally agree. I went and got a wireless headset for xbox 360 instead of making a port in my custom xbox 360 sticks lol.

i just bought an extension and plugged it into the pcb and put it so the port was right around where the cord comes out so u just have to plug your headset in.

Does anyone here know a surefire way to disable a headphone jack? I’ve got a Madcatz that thinks it has a mic plugged in (even when it doesn’t), and it disables my ability to use a wireless headset.

sounds like you have a faulty controller

The headset connector is a ‘closed circuit’ type, well a half closed one anyway, and if ya use an extension cable that will always have the controller ‘thinking’ that a headset is plugged in, even if it’s not plugged into the end of the extension cable. The end of the extension that’s plugged into the jack on the controller holds the circuit open, so ya really need to remove the headset jack from the controller board and use the appropriate jack to make it work properly. It still works fine just using an extension cable, but it’s not the ‘correct’ way of going about it. :wink:

To disable the headset jack just bridge these 2 points. If your headset jack is worn out or broken/bent internally these 2 connections might not be touching so the controller will ‘think’ that a headset is plugged in all the time. This also should be done if ya plan to remove the headset connector from the board and never use it or you’ll have the same issue. If ya are removing it and installing an alternate closed circuit jack somewhere then it handles this step the same way the original jack does so there’s no need to bridge anything, it’s only needed if ya are removing the jack and never planning to use the thing.