Xbox360 Hori Tekken 6 wireless PCB

I’ve gotten the urge to build a hitbox style stickless controller. I really want to make it wireless and don’t really care about dual modding it. My current plan is to pull the pcb out of a Hori Tekken6 stick and mount it into a custom box. I plan on butt splicing all of the inputs and directionals into the exisitng pcb harnesses. The only thing I’m a little unsure of is the guide/home button pcb. Pictured here:

I plan on scraping off the carbon pads and soldering on a 30mm sanwa button which will be mounted on the front face of the case. Any body see any reason why that wouldn’t work?

That would work fine, but also you can follow the trace and solder to the spots on the right if you like as well.

There is no reason.
Although, you don’t even need that piece.
The Guide Signal is available on the main PCB.

Thanks for the quick replies.

I’m going to give the pads a shot first as my soldering skills aren’t exactly world class. If i botch it I’ll call in reinforcements and move onto the main pcb.

Thanks again.