Xbox360 Kinect fastest-selling device EVER!

BBC News - Microsoft Kinect ‘fastest-selling device on record’

Still waiting till next year to buy mine hopefully by then there’ll be some hardcore games - [media=youtube]GBjOIjc5qn0[/media]

Mine went up in flames. I miss it so much. I’ll get another one when I get a new 360, and hopefully their library will have improved by then. It’s got SOOO much potential, they just need to get REAL games on it, rather than what amounts to nothing more than XBLA games

Needs games so bad but it really needs a controller to maximize it’s potential.

I love the idea of fastest selling ever, when I only know like two people with one.

And I’m sorry - it’s ass for now, has potential don’t get me wrong, but as already mentioned the idea of spending 50+ on XBLA games? GTFO. None of the current crop of games should be more than $15.

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I only know 1 person who has it and doesnt use it because of the lack of titles.

My wife uses ours 3-4 times a week to play Dance Central, I use it for 2-3 times a week for the exercise (Sports / Yourshape primarily).

It beats the hell out of a Wii. Can’t wait for Steel Battalion.

I thought it was reported that they actually’sold’ 8 million but shipped 10 million. I’m guessing they sold the 2 million other between Jan and March then. Kinect sales have definitely slowed down considerably at least at my store. We’ve been sitting on a stack of them for the past couple of months and people have been going out of their way to make sure not to buy the system with it it sometimes when we are out of the sytems without it. Kinect definitely needs more titles and though Child of Eden looks fun I’m unsure if that’s going to do it. Probably going to have to wait for E3 for the real software.

same here across the board. Dance Central is a great title, as is Kinect Sports. YourShape is fantastic as well. Sadly, that’s pretty much the only reason to own a Kinect at this point.

Seeing commercials for Killzone makes me wish for some ACTUAL games for the Kinect. Nothing that really supports the voice recognition makes me a sad canuck though

i went to frys and there was a huge crowd around that dancing game. looks way funner than DDR. but i dont really do consoles so wont get it for a while

I’ll take DDR over DC…but its a different type of challenge. To me, DDR was less about memorizing, and more about recognizing…while DC is the exact opposite…its memorize…and memorize…and memorize. I hate memorize.

What’s considered difficult on DC lso seems pretty easy compared to ‘difficult’ on DDR. And why is rederick’s the advertisement at the bottom LMAO

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what what what?!

So it’s like you’re really dancing then.

Children of Eden looks so amazing, but I’m still annoyed that no other developer has gone out and tried to create something as unique like it.

Pretty cool. Im going to get one soon. It looks like it would be a blast to play with my kids.

More dancing and less arrow stomping.

DC is a great party game, so is Kinect Sports (reminds me of the Power Pad days…LOL) The Killzone example is more of a Wii type gimmick more than Kinect…didn’t Wii have the bow and arrow attachment for Zelda or something?

Wait wtf a new Steel Battalion?

It’s due out this summer. Only trailers so far, and those are like 6 months old.

Google it! Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor.

LONG term succes will stem from a game library that is fun outside of the ‘instant’, a game library you rush home to play, not something that is fun when family is over (which is why like I said a long time ago - the Wii is a fad…successful yes, but still a fad).

They can further the success by also PPRICING REASONABLY. Dropping 150 for the device is a bit much, but understandable…but then another 50 for Kinect animals? I could just play Sneak King for 2 bucks.

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a lot of people are trading in their wii’s for the Kinect (in the UK) so this doesnt surprise me.

Kinect is family orientated; stop looking and trying to find something different with it. They are advertising it as a family thing, the best game is a sports game which is easy enough for the parents to play with their kids. IMO there is nothing wrong with having the controller for serious games and the kinect for family time. I wouldn’t want to play COD with kinect