Xbox360 Kinect fastest-selling device EVER!

I’d like one, but as touched on by the previous posters… there’s no games to play. Dance Central (think that’s what it’s called) is the only one worth buying, and I would only buy it for when people come over and whatnot. I’d never play that for fun alone.

Me neither, Kinetic has the potential to create a whole new genre of videogames

Why didn’t you bust out some moves?

That’s it Jie me vs you in a dance off meet me at FRYS!

Lol I actually don’t know anyone with a Kinect and have never tried it either.

lol i was hoping they’d have mvc3 there instead so i could dial a combo my way to victory like i did when they had sf4 on exhibit (too bad their sticks were broken).

It didn’t have a bow an arrow attachment it was just a zapper shell that could be used to help steady your aim. I actually think Sony’s move attachment is better than Nintendo’s zapper since you actually have access to the buttons and looks a bit more comfortable. Have you actually played an FPS with motion controls?

This comes out 6/14. If 1 game can convince core gamers to buy kinect that is it. For anyone wondering why it wasn’t hyped up more at E3 keep in mind you can play it on pad too.

:u: some of us have already mentioned Children of eden, it does look fantastic

if anybody can fix/replace the cable on the back of the kinect, u can have mine that got fire fucked lol

No, but what I visualize in my mind and what actually would play out I doubt I would like it. Though I did play that 911 game at Dave and Busters that followed your movement…it was fun at first and then it got old. I rather have a 3d world where I would have to really run/jump/take cover…but I think we are generations away on that one

you talking about that police simulator that starts you in a strip club, and tells u to not wear a hat while u play lol? That game was fun.

I predict the first few ‘games’ for kinect are gonna be rail shooters, if anything. Case in point, the Star Wars game.

I do agree that Kinect will likely need peripherals

Hahaha! YES! It was cool the first couple of times, but then got on my nerves (how do you shoot my foot…but I can’t shoot yours?!?)

I’m all over the Children of Eden!

Yea well it’s not hard for a something to be the highest sellIng when it’s the only package they send out worth buying. Got me a slim yesterday and had to get the kinect bundle cuz they didn’t have a 250 gig model without it. Nearest one without kinect was in NY 4 hours away. Had to drop $100 more then I wanted to for the thing and now have an accessory I had no interest in in the first place.

Kinect Self Awareness Hack

Christ it’s Skynet!

Kinect MOTIV body-music digital expression

and this comic made me lol

I like how Kinect has like 10 games, 3 of which are playable, yet there is SOOO many amazing Kinect hacks out there. Hell, you can use it on a PS3 now

and still people who have never played it, talk about how terrible it is…

Wow, I don’t go to gyms because they feel unnatural to me. But now people exercise in front of the TV? And we have people eating in front of it, dancing in front of it, playing in front of it … it’s like our new Overlord Master!

lmao, the robo arms

I’d imagine having to do all that stuff at least at this point in technology would be way too tiring. I’d imagine most gamers would stop playing the game in 30 minutes tops. I can’t imagine playing a game like Gears in a 3D like environment where I actually had to physically do the Roadie Run and take cover behind stuff. It’d probably be awesome for the first 10 minutes until I realize that I’m a sweaty mess. That’s also crossing a bit too far into the ‘realistic’ threshhold for me.

Well yea man it’s been out how long and it still has no software to justify the buying price.