XBOX360 & PS3 pcb hackers on SRK?

I’m guessing lots of people will need to switch out PCBs on their ps2/xbox sticks now that SFHD and SFiv are just around the corner. I can’t solder for the life of me and i’m not in need of a whole new stick so…

Which members on SRK can wire up PS3 and 360 pcbs and are willing to ship overseas?

There are a couple in the Trading Outlet that do X360 ones. I haven’t seen anyone doing actual PS3’s yet. James123 is the first to come to mind, but not sure if he ships out of the U.S.

I do 360, have not yet done ps3 as most folks use psx DS with some sort of adapter. Also because I dont have a ps3, when I get one I probably will.
I have shipped overseas before, as long as shipping is covered by the customer.

whats your price for purchasing and wiring up a PCB?

  1. I use a PS2 -> USB adapter and I use my wired PS2 PCB on my PS3.

Where do you live?

Location: England:lovin:

yup, good ole England.

I forget how much armadillo charged me to wire up my old xbox pad back in 04’, whats the going rate for that sort of soldering job?

Moving to trading outlet

im do ship out of the us. and i havent hacked a ps3 controller yet but im sure i can.

There’s a good thread in Tech Talk that explains how to do a PS3 hack. I did one before but killed two controls before succeeding. This is by FAR the hardest controller PCB I’ve ever hacked. It’s not impossible, but it is far more complicated than a 360 hack and the soldering points are much harder because they’re VERY tiny and VERY close together.


so who’s able to do a wireless 360 pcb wiring job and for how much?