Xbox360 sf4 stick for pc player change

I have the TE sf4 stick that use on my pc, however i couldnt figure out how to put it on player 2 (or3,4 for that matter).
Have already checked the 1 page info paper within the box but it doesnt say anything about this.

What i would want is set the stick on player two for example and use the keyboard for player 1 or vice versa. Right now both my keyboard and stick use player 1.

Assign player 1 (1P) device in the options menu; go to button configuration and if for example you pressed Enter to set the keyboard for 1P device, press A button on the TE and all the buttons and directions for 2P should come up.

Will try this right now.

Thank you alot! Couldnt get out of the button config menu anymore with backspace/esc, but stick B did bring me out and it works.