xbox360 sfac issue

Before u guys can even say anything, let me say that I’m sure there are lots of information on this subject in some of the already padhacking threads out there, but I felt that it would be nice if there was a thread specifically aimed to this subject. Please don’t post questions about ps2 padhacking or off topic shit . Keep it in the subject. I figured since they just made the sfac backwards compatible, there are a lot of plp asking about 360 converters, padhacking and stuff. There are only 3 things u can do as far as I’m concearned.

  1. Use the regular 360 controller
  2. Pay the rediculus 80 bucks for the converter.
  3. Get a wired 360 controler and hack it to a stick. Not only is this chaper but it works exceptionally great.
    I believe I have a pic or two showing where to solder onto the controller. Idk if there are ways to do a solderless 360 hack, I don’t think so but if anyone knows please post it up here. Ill post some pics and usefull links in a bit…as soon as I can get out of class…yes I’m posting this thread with my sideckick3 during class lol
    NOTE: if anyone has info on this subject please post it here so that others can benefit from it^^
    EDIT: here is a link that i found with pics and stuff.