xbox360 sfac issue

Before u guys can even say anything, let me say that I’m sure there are lots of information on this subject in some of the already padhacking threads out there, but I felt that it would be nice if there was a thread specifically aimed to this subject. Please don’t post questions about ps2 padhacking or off topic shit . Keep it in the subject. I figured since they just made the sfac backwards compatible, there are a lot of plp asking about 360 converters, padhacking and stuff. There are only 3 things u can do as far as I’m concearned.

  1. Use the regular 360 controller
  2. Pay the rediculus 80 bucks for the converter.
  3. Get a wired 360 controler and hack it to a stick. Not only is this chaper but it works exceptionally great.
    I believe I have a pic or two showing where to solder onto the controller. Idk if there are ways to do a solderless 360 hack, I don’t think so but if anyone knows please post it up here. Ill post some pics and usefull links in a bit…as soon as I can get out of class…yes I’m posting this thread with my sideckick3 during class lol
    NOTE: if anyone has info on this subject please post it here so that others can benefit from it^^

what converter are you talking about?

ive done tha madcatz (gamestop) pad hack and it works great , the only problem was i removed the right trigger entirely now the button its activated , wont deactivate

i thin kthe converter is called the xfps360 converter. its a HUGE waste of money. avoid it at all costs. much cheaper(and better) just to wire up a stick.

There is another albeit crazy expensive option.

Option #5 is waiting for a new Xbox 360 joystick to arrive at the market. There are rumors that Hori may release a new joystick for the Xbox 360. Furthermore, Sega might release an Xbox 360 version of the Virtua Stick High Grade as the release date for the 360 version of Virtua Fighter 5 gets nearer.

this is the best option if its true