Xbox360 SFxT Arcade Fightstick Pro!(Cross) $140 shipped with tracking!

This is the stick that is for sale.

Get at me, I want monies and have enough sticks at home. Jump on this deal before it gets snatched!

Payment Via Paypal only. Shipped to the 48 U.S. states only.

PM’d. Is it unopened?

It is not opened, its brand new. Also forgot to add, only shipping to the 48 states.

Hey dios, can you PM me your PayPal?

Buyer fell through. Stick still up for grabs!

Dio I threw you a msg man :slight_smile:

Got your msg, ill consider it but for right now, paypal users get priority.

Very interested right now, but looking at the stock pic does this have the 6 bolts on the top panel to access all the buttons and stuff?

Naw its not like the standard TE Stick, this is a new design. Its still new in the box so I can’t open it and investigate. Best go ask the people in Tech Talk how you go about opening this one and modding it.

i’ll take it…PM me paypal and i’ll send the funds your way :slight_smile:

Incoming PM !