Xbox360 slim fix(please dont recommend buying new xbox)

Alright so my xbox360 slim eye lense is pretty much shot I dont want to really send it in to microsoft for 100 bucks. Id rather try out replacing the eye lens myself. problem is I cant find in instructional guide for it such as tools needed. Also would anyone be able to give me a link for a legit website that sells these xbox parts. Id take any type of constructive help that is given.

So I am taking it your Xbox 360 slim works, just don’t read disks. I want to ask is the console under warranty still or not. Regardless of skill level that would still be my first question to you, as repairing/ modding a Xbox 360 is a pain in the ass.

Here are the guides to taking apart a Xbox 360 S console and a listing of what tools you will have to get.

Here some sites for parts, although I can not say how credible these sites actually are

Although you do not want to hear it, your best options are send it to Microsoft or buy a New Xbox 360.
99% of the time sending your console to MS, instead of repairing your system they will send you someone else’s refurb any ways.
Sony and Nintendo operate the same way.

I’m having the same problem as the OP but with the original xbox 360. My warranty expired quite a while ago but is it still possible to send my 360 to Microsoft for a manufacturer repair? Or would my best option be to replace the DVD drive myself? (I’ve read a few guides and have a pretty good understanding of what I would need to do).

Should you replace the Xbox 360 DVD drive? You have to take a look and see what model DVD drive your particular Xbox 360 has, then reflash the DVD drive’s controller to match the code thats on the motherboard. Thats a tall order if you do not already own the tools, equipment and materials for such a repair. I honestly think your better off with a new console considering how particular the electronics are inside a Xbox 360 console.

I had read that I could also swap the pcbs of the new DVD drive with the previous drive. I know I would have to get the exact same DVD drive but it shouldnt be too hard to find right? Would this method also work rather than having to reflash the new drive?

I am not too clear on the details my self as I have not ever attempt such a repair my self on the DVD drive.
I did read about it from elsewhere and I did my own poking around in my own Xbox 360 and found how easy it is to make it Red ring over dumb stuff.
Apparently 60mm holes in the case for extra cooling fans makes the console give a Red Ring over heat error

thanks for the info Im pretty late in showing my appreciation I didnt know anyone responded to this thread.