Xbox360 TE stick: Please Reconnect Controller

I’ve had this problem since I first got my TE stick like a week before SF4 came out (first batch). Every now and then the message pops up on screen and about 1 second later goes away and the stick is working fine again. It doesn’t happen all that often, but enough to make me worry for a tournament, more of a “what if?”.
I haven’t modded the stick at all.

True, and it’s not like I thought there was a difference, I just assumed that somewhere in the mod, there was a stray strand of wire or two causing shorts, or that the guage I used in my wiring made certain points overlap, also causing it. Could be paranoia.

Actually, funando beat me to that; it’s linked in the OP of Bomberman’s thread. And yes, I much prefer that way, as it is certainly easier than flipping over the 360 PCB and trying to solder to those points without causing a short. For me at least, especially when I have steady hands otherwise, but when you put something precise like soldering iron in my hands, I turn into Michael J. Fox.

Excellent! Haha, I’m partial to this because I have like 1 other friend I can make Michael J. Fox jokes to and he totally cracks up, everyone else is like “aaaw that’s not right dude.” But my Michael J. Fox milkshake joke is gold…GOLD I TELL YOU.

I already like where this is going.

After you flip the SE PCB you just screw it back in, so it’s not like the PCB is jumping around. You can’t really do that with a TE PCB unless you remove all the ribbon cables (a huge hassle), but even then I don’t find a TE significantly harder to do.
If soldering to small, close points on a PCB is a problem for you, then it’s good to have alternatives. We’ve always said that this is an advanced mod.

Sorry you guys are having problems, but it has nothing to do with the guide, the Cthulhu, or the Imp.

I gave madcatz a call today and they said from what I told them it’s most likely a PCB failure. They will be sending me a replacement which should arrive in 7-10 business days.

Madcatz stands behind their products, so hopefully the one I get in won’t be defective!

I did the same thing, but they’re currently out of PS3 PCBs so I have to wait a few weeks. Is the PCB switch in-depth for those who have done it? I haven’t really soldered anything before but I didn’t want to have to pay for shipping from PA to CA.

almost everything is plug and play, the only thing I think you really need to solder is the power cables, which is 4 points. Dont think it’s too hard.

I’m just gonna take out my old one and follow everything step by step, since mine is dual modded I need to redo that.

You told them that you dual modded your stick and they are still replacing it for you?

Okay, thanks. Hopefully I don’t mess anything up when I make my attempt.

Glad they proved me right. Like I said, I will gladly pay for their sticks, because Madcatz most certainly is willing to make right on what they sell. That’s a big reason as to why I have two more SE’s on the way, is that I know if something goes south with it, they’re going to stand behind it and get it fixed.

Could someone swapping the PCB post a tutorial for others to use for reference in the future? I’m a solder nub myself and a reference point would help a lot in the future should the problem present itself.

I just shot an Email to the MadCatz support, hope i can deal with this through email since i personally don’t like talking to support over the phone.

See, English is not my first language and sometimes it becomes hard for me to explain something, even in my own language, heh.

if they send you a brand new pcb, I’d imagine it would already have all the pinhead connectors on it, etc, so it wouldn’t require any soldering. You’d just unplug the cables currently plugged in, unscrew/remove the old board, put the new board in, and re-connect the cables. As long as you make sure to plug everything back in the right place it should be a very easy job

For the past 2 months, my buttons have been getting whacky like the medium punch won’t work or the heavy punch goes out. I just quickly unplug it and plug it back in and its back to normal. Could this the start of a pcb problem?! I HAVE NOT modded my 360 TE stick. Looking to dual mod it sometime soon.

sounds like a PCB issue, although I can’t confirm that.

Manman, madcatz told me over the phone that you will need to solder those connector points on yourself unless you send it in for repair.

wow, really? That seems kind of weird that they don’t just have stock of assembled boards… Well at least they are sending them for free though, that’s good.

I did the dual mod for Glory and it was working fine for a couple of months when we did it. The 360 PCB has gone through extensive testings to see if anything would mess up, and apparently everything was fine at the time. As for toodles post for the Madcatz PCB, they are crap. The company really needs to step up on their work because they have a well known reputation for making shoddy boards.

Can someone post up the number?


That’s the one I called. They are open Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm (PST)