Xbox360 to PS3 plz


So I have two fightsticks (1 te and 1 se madcatz) but they are both for Xbox360. With Mortal Kombat coming soon I would like to get it on PS3 if for nothing more other to be able to play as Kratos but obviously I would like to use my fightsticks for it. I looked around for Xbox360 to PS3 converters and I found lots only problem is I’m worried about lag so I’m just wondering if anyone knows if theres any converters without lag or without very noticeable lag. If anyone has any experience with this or can recommend a good converter I would be very grateful thanks.


Wrong forum. You want Tech Talk.


You may want to to try getting your stick dual-modded instead.


Oops sorry well thanks for moving it. I know about dual-modding and it seems like kind of a lot of work especially because I wanna be about to used both of the sticks. I figured if I could just find some good converters it wouldn’t be to expensive and it would be easy.


I don’t wanna double post but this topic is probably buried by now. Can anyone recommend a good xbox360 to ps3 converter?


There are Xbox 360 to PS3 converters, but they often drop inputs, making them bad for fighting games. Your best option is to dual mod your stick or hire someone to do it for you.


I got one and its crazy. Works 30% of the time. I am afraid if what it could do to my stick since the guide button was going nuts.
Get mk for xbox or dual mod. Only great solutions…


You have to dual mod because 360 to ps3 convertors are all shit. Not one good one exists for some reason.

Instead try the teasy strike dual mod.
Phreak Mods // TEasy Strike


Ugh thanks for the help I guess it just seems like such a hassle. I might just get it MK on PS3 and worry about dual modding later down the road because it seems kinda confusing…or heres hoping xbox gets a cooler MK character than Kratos…not gonna happen.