Xcesarx23's selling my stuff thread (mario wii ff metal gear street fighter pokem and mighty muggs)


Ive been slowly selling off alot of my things ive collected over the years and im trying to get rid of the final items i have. my kid robot sf figures will go up next for now this is what im trying to sell.
All prices include shipping to the USA! paypal only plz

12-ramza ff tactics figure
10-ho oh
10-lugia or 17 for both
8- solid snake
8-old snake or 15 for both
14- random happy meal pokemon figures
18- juri ps3 pad
10-mario anniversary collection art book and cd(no game
40- mario anniversary collection for wii complete
it been opened to make sure it works
20-street fighter anniversary collection xbox
20- street fighter anniversary collection guide with soundtrack unopened
35 for both game and guide
10-neca ken figure
20- Boxed toys r us only iron man 2 movie might mugg
15- ironman no box
15- doc oc
15- punisher
15- silver surfer
16- galactus (his head is huge)
20- black suit spiderman

if you buy mutiple things ill make a deal thanks for looking!


paypal only and prices include shipping to the us willing to ship to my Canadian brothers if they have that green.


doom sale pending.


ryu sale pending


Damn i wanted ryu


i’ll take Spiderman Mighty Mugg.


Doom and ryu are being shipped tomorrow ill update the list and im adding more stuff tomorrow. spidey is pending.

thank you all very much.


updated and more stuff added thank you all!


Im interested in Venom, Skrull, Ghost Rider and OG Iron Man


god damnit i like venom too :frowning:

what about war machine?


Pmd both of you


i didnt get a pm :frowning:


Did you want the open war machine or the unopened?




Some one else also inquired about the war machine sorry I got confused not trying to leave anyone out.


Waiting to here back from everyone


oops nevermind


everything pictured is still for sale nothing has been sold yet.


I’ll take the unopened war machine if you still have it. Sent you a pm.


sending out everything today thank you all.