XCM 360 to PS3 converter REVIEWED!


I just googled this and found a site that reviewed it. I have never heard of these people but at least someone is letting us know about their experience. I’d just like to find a review with someone trying a 360 arcade stick.


Here’s another by Loading Reality:



The adapter may be fine for the genres and games they mentioned in their reviews, but it might not be the case for fighting games.
To be honest, I really want this to be what we’ve been waiting for, but I say we still need someone with experience with converters and sticks to do the honors of taking this adapter for a ride.


Someone send one to me, I’ll test it/review it and send it back!


Lag Test+Cheaper-Than-Cthulu-Price=Possible win. If not, it’s guttah trash.


That site said they go upwards of 40 clams, even though they should be 30. Cthulhu is $20 if you assemble it yourself. Then again I don’t care I don’t own a 360 or 360 stick. It’s definitely EASIER than adding a PCB.


Well hopefully someone send Marman one. I would but I spent my free to use on whatever money on a HRAP3 so I can’t get it until maybe at least weeks but I don’t even have a stick on the 360 yet. Plus with Valentine’s Day, my mom’s bday, my grandma’s bday, and my aunts bday all coming so close together, well, you know. Even though my bday is on Valentine’s Day, I don’t get fully treated to where I don’t have to pay for anything when me and my girl go out. And I’m still trying to make sure I have enough for SFIV so money is tight right now. Wait…WTH? Markman, you telling me you got the money to spluge on all these sticks but you can’t get an adpater for less than $50? Guess you spent all your free money on sticks eh? lol Just messin with ya. :slight_smile:


You’re such a nice son.


Nice Koga!

Well… I don’t wanna spend 50 on a gamble… If it was proven to be good, I’d do it without hesitation…

Those reviews didn’t help in my decision.


It would have helped me if they mentioned lag. They didn’t say whether it caused lag or not. And hopefully a 360 stick would work with it as well. Wasn’t there some PS3 to PS3 converter that came out and PS2 sticks didn’t work? Yea, makes me think twice. I could care less about using a 360 controller on a PS3 cuz I’m not a big shooter fan that buys 3 shooters a month.


markman- where in SD are you located? jw


I’m rather looking forward to this adapter, even if it lags by a little bit. I can’t stand the triggers or the mushy D-pad on the DualShock 3. I’d definitely much rather use an Xbox 360 controller for the majority of games on the PS3, especially if said X360 controller has a modded D-pad. For FPSes, this is a definite must have. I’m just worried that they didn’t map Left and Right Click on the X360 pad to L3 and R3 on a PS3 pad.

I hope though that this adapter doesn’t follow XCM’s usual converter trend. If this converter proves reliable, and if it proves to work with X360 3rd party PCBs like the ones in the HRAP:EX or the SFIV FS:TE, this’d make obtaining a stick for tournament usage so much easier for the consumer.


In the hood… between National City and Chula Vista…


:sweat: scary.

You should open a arcade stick museum. :rofl: I’d go


“Does not support rumble.” well that’s a shame !!
I love FPS but without this option it’s silly !

I’m pretty sure XCM will realize a new model in a few months…
they did the trick with XFPS 360, so …


Those guys are idiots.


If that company had any brains theyd’ve got someone to test it on fighting games and post a little youtube viral. Either that or they know it lags/


That or they are like how a lot of people are and just look at fighting games now like they are garbage and just sit and play Halo, WOW, and anything else that falls into those categories. Like I said, seems like using a 360 controller for playing PS3 shooters was the main goal.


I have a friend that might want to get it. If he does, I’ll try to convince him to let me send it to Markman. He’s just worried if he’ll get it back or not.

Oh, and it is 40 dollars at the official XCM site.


And about $46 with shipping. But if he’s sending it to MarkMan, I’m sure he’ll get it back.


Not buying without a full SDTekken.com review and approval! :lovin: