[XCM Adapter] PS3 - Xbox360 Adapter


Sorry if this is a repost but searched and didn’t find.

“New XCM adaptor will allow to use a PS3 controller on the Xbox 360
XCMLive has just informed us of a new product that should be available towards the end of February. The cross fire converter is an adaptor which will allow you to use a PS3 controller on the Xbox 360, more functions will be announced at a later date.”


PS3 to Xbox360 converter eh? Hmm sounds interesting…


Cant wait for it to come out. Thanks for the post…


Yeah there is actually already a thread open about it


MarkMan is receiving a unit from XCM I believe and he is going to put up a review on it regarding using a fight stick.


That’s 360 - PS3 converter…

My threads about a new PS3 - 360 converter.


Yes it is, and at the bottom I did provide a link to a Maxconsole article about it, however, given that it’s a completely seperate product… Yeah. New thread.


oh sorry I seem to have missread it my bad…looks promising :]


This would just be perfect for Lumines and Rez HD. I loved playing Rez with the Dualshock2 and the 360 analog sticks are too annoying for Rez.


Wow, so its also going the other way around? SCORE!!! SCORE I SAY!!! SCORE!!! I MUST HAVE THIS SEXY PIECE OF WORK!!! These guys are on a role!


Wassup guys.

Just to let everyone know I bought the adapter xbox 360 - ps3 adapter ($50). And to be honest I’m not impressed. I have a stick from arcade in a box (360) then i plug into the cross adapter into the ps3. Everything works like it should but I notice a lag. I don’t even use a usb ext. cable either. The big issue i have is doing the super in HD remix. I can never do it consistently. And that’s my bread and butter when i play. But when I go back to 360 my super’s come out on point. I plan to even sell it because its unplayable. But I notice that some tourneys are using ps3’s. This is mine expericene so it may differ with other player with different sticks.


I appreciate the honest opinion. Just to be clear, could you post up which controllers you tried it with? If you’re using a custom stick, knowing which PCB is used inside your stick would be helpful. I know we’re mostly interested in the fighting aspect, but any opinions on lag when using a wired pad in non-fighting games?


Has Markam said anything about the 360 to PS3 converter? He was supposed to have gotten it at the end of last week.


sucks that this comes up wayyy after preorders for the sfiv sticks end. had i known they were making one that was ps3>360 i would have bought the ps3 stick and used the adapter rather than get the 360 stick and modding it for use on the ps3 =/


I used it with a stick from http://www.aiabstore.com/main.sc

I even used this stick on GGPO with the xbox driver for PC. And its smooth as butter. But for some reason when I use the adapter on the PS3 its doesnt play well. Now I maybe wrong. But I wouldn’t use this in a tourney. I rather beg to use a 360.


Sorry for OT but can you link to a larger version of that first picture? I’ve always been curious what the inside of an AIAB looked liked.


Looks pretty simplistic.



^ Perfect. Thank you.

Oh, I completely agree. I was just going to buy an AIAB stick before I stumbled on to this community and going the DIY route. After seeing that picture I have even more sympathy for Ed soldering Mad Catz pads all day long. I just imagine him trying to crank these things out while everyone is replying to his post asking about the status of their order.


Well i placed my order in November which I received a month later to beat the Street Fighter order rush. I researched other makers, some were too much and too long to make. I’ve could of made it myself but decided to have ed make it . Big diff when your whooping as in HD remix.


Yeah, the AIAB sticks are sweet, especially since no one seems to be catering to American sticks for this generations of consoles. I’ve probably spent as much or more than I would have just buying one off of him. Thanks again for the pictures.


since that one lags for you I hope the PS3 to 360 one doesn’t. That way ppl might be able to use their ps2 sticks to inpins to the PS3 to 360, maybe.