XCM Cross Fire on PS3 pad?


I’ve been wanting to hit up the local Marvel scene for a while now. I play Marvel on a PS3 pad, most of the places around here use 360 though.

I’ve done a little bit of research and so far, the only converter box that I’ve found is the XCM Cross Fire. Has anyone had any experiences with these things? Any input lag? Ease of use? Reccomend it?

From what I understand, you need to use a wired Xbox 360 controller, then hotswap in a PS3 pad. Currently, the only wired Xbox 360 controller I have is an old Hori EX2 stick. Any idea if this would be compatible with this converter?

Also, are there any other converters out there that are better than this one? I don’t really want to make the transition to stick, nor do I want to adapt to a new pad. So any help would be appreciated.



I give you the cliff note version of what Rooser posted

There are no worth wild PS3 to Xbox 360 or Xbox 360 to PS3 Converters

They all ether
]Have drop Inputs
[]Burn out quickly (stop working)
]All the above


Best solution is to use a PS2 pad and convertor. eTokki sell a lag free adapter used by many top pad players: http://etokki.com/Xtokki360


Thanks for all the input, fellas. I think I’ll be going with the PS2/eTokki combination, it’s a lot cheaper than most of those converter boxes since I have a couple PS1/PS2 pads hanging around my room somewhere.

So far from what I’ve read, the only issue people are having with it is that you have to push the L2 and R2 buttons harder to get them to register.
How accurate is that? Can anyone weigh in? I use R2 for wavedashing/Doom M&M’s, so this could be pretty crucial if so.


It’s very accurate. I have a lot of problems with the trigger buttons on that convertor. You really have to push those buttons EXTRA hard. If you’re going to use that convertor, I suggest switching your dash buttons to L1 and R1. I can everything else besides Marvel on that convertor.


How hard are we talking here? (Insert tasteless & inappropriate joke here, followed by sparse laughter).
Are we talking hard to the point where it might as well be a dead button, or acceptable for someone who mashes a little harder than the average player?


Because the L2 and R2 on the PlayStation 2 Controller are Analog.
That is why have to press hard to register with the eTokki Converter.

There is no problem if use a PlayStation Controller, because the L2 and R2 are Digital.


So I’d be fine with a PS1 pad?


My friend uses a PS1 pad with the adapter and he has never complained of any issues with the shoulder buttons, so I think it should be fine.