XCM K.O. Gear 2 Shift Fighter


I’m curious if anyone has experience using the XCM K.O. Gear, or its sequel the K.O. Gear 2 Shift Fighter. The main reason for interest in this is the ability to use a 360 controller/arcade stick on a PS3. While this has been promised by earlier XCM products, dropped inputs made them horrible to use. I hold out hope for this one simply because it was made with Street Fighter IV in mind. There are videos of the devs using it with SFIV and a PS3 joystick (but that’s not the controller I want to see in action).

I’ve heard of a few people on the forums claiming to own one but have not found any in-depth review of one, or at least a confirmation of whether it lags and/or drops inputs. I also have no interest in modding my stick, because I am far too lazy to be troubled by such peasant work :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re not interested in modding, then why are you considering a stick by XCM?

Get a Datel stick & a $10 soldering iron.
Spend some money on good parts.


XCM isn’t a stick iirc.

Just a cheap (parts wise) PS2/360 to PS3 adapter.

But honestly just get a ChImp if you already have a 360 stick.