XCM Rumble arcade stick?

Has anyone tried out this stick? My friend wants to make huge combo videos for Youtube and apparently he thinks he will be able to make better juggles with a macro enabled pad or stick (This is for Tekken specifically.) And is this stick moddable without the use of a soldering iron/station? (He may want to replace the original buttons with Sanwa parts…) Or instead of macros, is he better off with a Mad Catz TTT2 arcade stick? Thanks.

The XCM arcade stick is a piece of crap. It has lag and drop inputs so the PCB inside is garbage. The case is sub par and the joystick and push buttons are mediocre at best.
As well for Macros? you going to loose alot of respect with that if your doing a you tube video of fighting game combos if macros are in play, even if you do better than others with out macros. Seriously you are lucky if those ass holes from 4chan don’t see it and start to pick the whole video apart if they see macros are involved.
Its considered cheating, which is why its banned from every tournament ever. Evo only allows in-game macros like 3xPunch or 3xKick in street fighter.

Yes all sticks are modifiable if you try hard enough and have enough skills and the right tools.

Highly unlikely. I am assuming since this is a sub-par stick there 1 giant PCB where all the buttons are soldered onto.

(He may want to replace the original buttons with Sanwa parts…)
Or just get a diffrent stick, I don’t know sanwa parts with without modifications.

Yes he is better off why any Mad Cats stick, not just the Tekken tag stick, but any one, even the Street Fighter IV SE.

Thanks, I showed your reply to him and he changed his mind. Mr friend Tom only plays fighting games for pulling off combos (I have no idea why…)

Are there any good pads out there for Tekken? And should I see about a Hitbox or an Arcade Stick? Which one do you professionals recommend?

Some people play fighting games just for the purpose of making combo videos. You can make combo videos with the use of any pad or stick, it doesn’t matter what you use. However, I’m assuming your friend wanted to use a programmable controller because he doesn’t have the execution to manually complete the combos. I suggest making a tool assisted combo video which doesn’t require any controller because you program the combo in advanced. I don’t know much about tool assistance but many people make combo videos with it and you can easily find a guide on how to do it. Typically they’re done to show things that are humanly impossible to execute. Just do some researching, good luck.

It is possible, but the options are extremely expensive (InsaneCombos, getting a ASCII pad) or just too confusing (GIMX) for my friend.

What is better, the MLG Mad Catz Tournament Edition fightstick or the TTT2 Mad Catz fightstick? One is TE and the other is TES+. What is the difference and is it worth $60 more? Also, is the MLG Pro Circuit any decent for fighting games? He is a pad player. He has never used a stick before.

Sorry for so many questions. Thanks.

Check out the stickies. They are your new best friends.

Thanks everyone for helping me!

First off, your questions could be answered by reading the stickies and using the search function.

It doesn’t matter what you use. You can play with a controller or stick. If you get a stick, there is a learning curve. However, they’re is a learning curve on both options (pad or stick). Playing on stick gives an advantage due to the ease of access of the buttons.

Second, those sticks are essentially the same thing. They are all sanwa parts and have the same TE case design. The only difference is the layout of the buttons, vewlix (straight besides lk, lp) vs noir (curved) I belive, but that really doesn’t matter anyway. Its just a slight difference in the ergonomics of the buttons.

If you want a cheap alternative to purchasing a stick, purchase the madcatz sfxt pad, otherwise I just recommend getting the madcatz sfxt TE.

If you decide to buy a stick, don’t try to find a bargain one. The ONLY stick that is worth the cheaper price, is the wwe brawlstick if you plan to mod it. Otherwise just save up the money and buy a quality stick… The first time. Too many people don’t take that advice and end up double dipping their cash and spending more money in the long run.