XConverter 360 Plus problems


Hey Xconverter owners, I recently got my hands on an 360 plus, but the damn thing wont work.

In a nutshell the first three led’s blink non stop and thats it. I tried different wired controllers (official MS, madcatz, rockband drums/guitar) and different ps2 stuff (official DS 2, PS1 digital pcb, SFAE) and same result. What gives?

Do I need to do something crazy to get this thing to read?


you shouldn’t… just make sure a controller is plugged up before plugging it into the console i think… other than that, you might’ve received a bad one.


Yeah i think mine is busted. Too bad, its been over two months since I got it on ebay and forgot about it.


You gotta mess around with it. Plug a MS controller in (can’t use a plug and charge kit; has to be a wired controller) and then plug it into the 360. THEN plug the PS2 controller in. Sometimes this works.

Sometimes you can get away with plugging it all in to the converter AND THEN plugging it into the 360.

Sometimes you have to turn the 360 off and then plug the controllers into the converter and then plug it into the 360.

Sometimes you just have to hit the guide button on the converter.

Just mess around with it (plug, unplug, replug) until it works. You’ll find the right circumstances eventually.