XCopy health bonus

I learned that Twelve keeps the health bonus after SA3. So does it add twelve’s health onto thier health?

You keep any taunt bonus performed while in X.C.O.P.Y., so if you taunt with Q, Hugo, Alex or whoever, you get to keep that bonus when you revert back to Twelve. Same goes for any taunt bonus.

IIRC there’s no outright health bonus from just using X.C.O.P.Y.

And remember you take monster damage while reverting back to Twelve as well.

You take around 30% less damage while you’re in XCOPY mode, and it’s not influenced by the character you’re XCOPYING into, also the bonus is pretty godly since it puts you way above Hugo.

And yeah after it wears off you keep the taunt bonuses but not the 30% innate XCOPY bonus.

so assuming you taunt 3-4 times with xcopied Q how much life do you have before and after?

EDIT:: I was wrong. You get bonuses and keep them forever. :0