XCOPY question

Ok, so I know you get a defense increase during it…

but let’s say I change to Q, and then taunt,… do i get the bonus? Can you “use” other characters taunts for yourself?

Ok, I just played a bit, and it seems that you DO get the defense bonus and you also keep it after XCOPY. Nice.

Attack bonus only seemed to stay for first attack after XCOPY, then back to normal. Boo.

Yes, I believe the taunt properties are the same as the character you copied from. If it’s an attack bonus, it only lasts for the next attack/block you do (Unless you’re Akuma… I think his last through the round). If it’s a defense bonus (like Hugo, Chun Li, and Q), it should be last the round too.

So, if you are 12, and you XCOPY Q, and taunt three times, would that give you the most defense in the game? (because of the bonus you get from XCOPY)

I dunno their base defense rankings though.

I think this is a dumb question what happens when 12 xcopy at the bonus round? does 12 turns into a vehicle…just kidding

Twelve gets the same defense bonus as Q, but it does work off base defense level.

So, Q (Taunt Three times) > X.C.O.P.Y. Twelve (Taunt three times).

I believe… if you try to copy the vehicle, Tweleve will get confused and be unable to do X.C.O.P.Y. Having not really tried this (I only heard second-hand), can someone verify please?

If I remember correctly, Twelve would have higher defense than Q while in XCOPY, but then it would lower to his normal defense + the effect of the taunts after he comes out of it.

And yes, he gets confused if you use XCOPY during the SUV bonus stage.

And Akuma’s attack bonus from taunting is only for the next attack, same as everyone else with an attack bonus taunt.

The only reason to use SAIII is if your fighting Gouki…

i tried this once and tripped out so hard i had to do it a few more times…

12 mirror match, both using xcopy…both activated xcopy…silence…!!!

there were no sound effects from any of the moves from either 12.

kinda lame observation, but oh well.

Hehe luckily I thought the same thing and tried it, Twelve just grabs his head and screams. But now I am curious about bonus sage #2…does he turn into a basketball and start parrying himself? (But seriously would he turn into Sean?)